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Volar Barton’s Fractures

    – Discussion:     – characterized by frx of volar margin of the carpal surface of the radius which is associated w/ subluxation of radiocarpal joint;            – similar to Smith’s type III;     – comminuted frx of distal radius may involve either anterior or posterior cortex and … Read more

Unstable Distal Radius Fracture

– See: Radiographic Findings – Unstable Frx Patterns:     – Barton’s frx, Radial-styloid frx, and Smith’s frx, will often be unstable;     – dorsal angulation: > initial 20 deg implies instability;     – radial shortening of 5 mm or more;     – articular frxs that involve radiocarpal joint;       … Read more

Ulna / Ulnar Shaft Fracture

(see also: Both Bone Forearm Fracture: / Ulnar Styloid Process) Anatomy radius & ulna lie parallel to each other when forearm is supinated; during pronation radius crosses ulna, rotating on axis that passes from capitulum through the distal end of ulna; ular side of wrist is supported by TFCC, which articulates w/ both lunate and triquetrium; … Read more

Trauma and Fractures Menu

(see also: – Trauma Workup; Open Frx; Frx Healing; AO Foundation; ON FRACTURES by Hippocrates.) Acetabular Fracture Ankle Fractures Barton’s Fracture: Dorsal Barton’s Fracture Volar Barton’s Fracture Bennet’s Fracture Both Bone Forearm Frx Boxer’s Frx Burst Fractures (of spine) Calcaneus, Frx Capitulum Fractures Chauffeur’s Fracture Chance Fracture Clavicle Fracture Colles Fracture Compression Frx (Spinal) Condylar … Read more

Tongue Type Calcaneal Fracture

– Discussion: – if secondary frx line travels parallel w/ plantar aspect of foot, exiting at posterior border of  the calcaneus, tounge frx will develop; – secondary fracture line extends posteriorly from superior part of primary frx line (at crucial  angle), creating 1 single posterior, superior, & lateral fragment; – hence, the coronal fracture occurs posterior to … Read more

Toe Fractures:

Discussion:  – Seymour’s frx:        – open type of fracture in which germinal matrix of the nail bed is trapped in the fracture site;        – needs to be treated with ORIF (K wires) as well as IV antibiotics The Stubbed Great Toe: Importance of Early Recognition and Treatment of Open Fractures of the Distal Phalanx