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Galeazzi’s Fracture (Adults)


Treatment in Children

Surgical Treatment in Adults

Surgical Approach

RU Joint

Post Op


Entrapment of extensor tendons

  • ECU is usually affected but may occur in EDM
  • ulnar styloid may sustain avulsion frx & displace into distal RU joint with the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon.
  • exam reveals a vacant ECU sulcus (empty sulcus sign);
  • distal radio-ulnar joint is irreducible even after ORIF of radial frx;
  • ECU will be found either in RU joint or displaced in an ulnar direction around ulnar head;


  • to avoid chronic instability, the distal radio-ulnar joint is reduced & ECU tendon sheath is repaired;
  • surgical repair includes open reduction of distal RU joint, suture repair of ECU fibro-osseous canal, & ORIF of ulnar styloid frx;

RU joint subluxation

Case example

  • 30 yo WM who initially underwent ORIF of a Galeazzi frx w/o pin fixation of the RU joint;
  • several weeks lateral RU joint diastasis occur which required closed pinning as a second procedure;