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Extension Teardrop Fracture of C2

- Discussion:
   - anterior longitudinal ligament inserts on anteroinferior portion of the C2 body;
   - w/ extreme hyperextension, ligament may remain intact but may avulse from its insertion, pulling a corner of C2 body with it;
   - vertical ht of the fracture fragment is > than its horizontal width;
   - hyperextension dislocation may result in triangular frx fragment
        - this fragment has horizontal width > than its vertical ht;
   - extension teardrop injury of C2 is unstable in hyperextension, as anterior spinal ligament is no longer intact;
   - teardrop avulsion fracture involves the anterior, inferior corner of vertebral body;
   - neck collar for comfort and mild activity restriction for few weeks are probably appropriate

Injuries of the atlas and axis. A follow-up study of 85 axis and 10 atlas fractures.