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Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Long-Term Results of Treatment of Fractures of the Medial Humeral Epicondyle in Children Operative Treatment of Interdigital Neuroma. A Long-Term Follow-up Study The Effects of Tibial Rotation on Posterior Translation in Knees in Which the Posterior Cruciate Ligament Has Been Cut Patellar Resurfacing in Total Knee Arthroplasty. A Prospective, … Read more

Upper Extremity Arteriogram

– Discussion:     – it is important that the injection site be at distance proximal to site of injury;          – if this cannot be performed w/ ease, retrograde axillosubclavian technique should be utilized;     – insertion of needle into brachial artery is facilitated by immobilizing artery against humerus;     … Read more

Ulnar Nerve in Elbow Trauma

– See:       – Ulnar Nerve:       – Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: – Discussion:     – ulnar nerve neuritis is a reported of operative treatment  for elbow frxs;     – one of complications of ORIF of elbow frxs is adherence of the ulnar nerve directly to medial epicondylar region w/ … Read more

Types of Anterior Dislocation

– See: Multidirectional Instability:  – Radiographic Subtypes:     – Subcoracoid          – most common type of anterior dislocation          – head of humerus is displaced anteriorly w/ respect to glenoid, & is inferior to coracoid process;          – greater tuberosity is fixed on anterior glenoid rim;          – neck … Read more

Type III Supracondylar Frx

– Discussion:     – posterior cortex is disrupted w/ no cortical contact;     – distal fragment is displaced posteriorly and proximally (by pull of triceps);     – w/ medial displacement, the medial periosteal hinge is intact;     – w/ lateral displacement, the lateral periosteal hinge is intact; – Physical Exam:   … Read more