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Tillaux Fracture:


- Discussion:
    - SH III frx involving avulsion of anterolateral tibial epiphysis;
    - occurs in older adolescents, after the middle and medial parts of epiphyseal plate has closed, but before the lateral part closes (usually 12 to 15 yrs of age);
    - because, this frx occurs in adolescents w/ relatively mature growth plates, there is minimal potential for deformity due to growth plate injury;

- Mechanism of Injury:
    - external rotation force w/ stress placed on anterior tibiofibular ligament, causing avulsion of distal tibial epiphyseal plate anterolaterally;
          - further lateral rotation causes displacement of fracture;
    - frx occurs after medial part of the epiphyseal plate has closed, but before the lateral part closes;
    - resultant frx thru epiphyseal plate runs across epiphysis and distally into the joint, creating SH type III or IV frx;

- Radiographs:
    - AP and Oblique views are needed to distinguish from a triplane frx;
    - note that the common triplane fracture will contain a tillaux fracture in addition to the tibial physeal frx;

- Non Operative Treatment:
    - attempt closed reduction (internal rotation of ankle and supination of foot) but accept no displacement;
    - the surgeon may perform direct pressure over the fragment inorder to effect the reduction;
    - patients should initially be placed in a long leg cast;  

- Operative Treatment:
     - significantly displaced fragmentss require anatomic reduction & fixation to restore satisfactory function of the ankle joint;
     - perform ORIF thru anterolateral approach using cancellous screws or K wires;
           - incision begins over anterolateral aspect of the leg medial to the fibula and 1.5 inches proximal to the ankle joint;
           - extensor tendons, dorsalis pedis artery, and deep peroneal nerve are retracted medially;
           - ankle capsule is opened and the anterior tibiofibular lig is identified;
           - frx of the anterolateral portion of tibial plafond is visualized;
           - screw placement or pin placement is allowed to cross the physis since the physis is in the process of closing;
           - consider using a K wire as a fixation joystick to help effect the reduction

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