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TKR – Posterior Cruciate Ligament Retaining Prosthesis

[ooo id=”60132″] – See: – TKR Menu – Joint Line Position: – Posterior Stabilized Prosthesis: – Function of Posterior Cruciate Ligament: (see PCL) – as the knee flexes, eccentric postion of the PCL femoral orgin prodecues a tensile force in the ligament; – because of nonconforming low friction articlation, this tensile force is converted into … Read more

TKR: Valgus Deformity

– See: – TKR Menu: – Collateral ligaments: – Medial Collateral Ligament – Lateral Collateral Ligament – Discussion: – more common in females; – in valgus knee, ligament balancing is more difficult to fix; – the anatomic deformity is usually larger in valgus than in varus, and it is on the femoral side; – femur … Read more

Tumors of Hand and Distal radius

[ooo id=”101957″] – Adamantinoma – Basal Cell Carcinoma: – Calcinosis – Chondrosarcoma: – the most common bony malignancy in the hand; – CMC Boss: bony growth at bases of second and third metacarpals; – special radiographs can demonstrate the osteophytes, which may be resected if symptoms warrent; – associated with ganglia at least 30% of … Read more

Type II Pilon Frx

– Discussion:     – comprises articular frx w/ articular incongruity but minimal comminution;     – frx extend into the joint distally from a spiral frx of distal tibia     – ankle mortise must be evaluated carefully to determine if fibular frx in question is part of joint injury or merely                 frx assoc … Read more

TKR: Evaluation and Management of Bone Defects

[ooo id=”160755″] – See: – Revision TKR: – TKR Menu – Discussion: – asymmetrical bone loss often occurs in the proximal tibia; – CT scan have shown that once one get more than 1 cm below joint line quality and quantity of the supporting cancellous bone diminishes precipitously; – equally important, attachments of iliotibial band, … Read more

X rays: for Tibial Frx

– comminution:     – more than 50% cortical comminution is considered significant and increases chance of non union; – displacement:     – > 50% frx displacement will significantly increase risk of non-union, due to instability of frx and predisposition for future displacement (if treated closed); – accetable reduction:     – > 10 deg … Read more

Wound Management

– Menu:      – Antibiotic Beads       – Antibiotic Prophylaxis       – Carrier State      – Contaminated Wound Care       – Debridement of Muscle: (debridement of open tibia fractures);       – Decubitus Ulceration      – Drains and Closure of Wounds      – Fracture Blisters      – Gun Shot Wounds       – Pressure Irrigation   … Read more