Ortho Oracle - orthopaedic operative atlas

Wallerian Degeneration

– Discussion:     – arises from severe nerve injury (axonotmesis or neurotmesis)     – characterized by axonal enlargement into an amorphorous mass, breakdown of the axons, and schwann cell ingestion of fragmented              myelin to provide clean endoneural tubes for advancement of regenerating axons;             – axonal sprouting … Read more

Waddel Criteria

– Discussion:     – Waddel determined 5 findings on PE which correlated w/ non organic LBP known as the 5 Waddell criteria;     – he noted that most patients w/ documented organic LBP had one or none of Waddell criteria, and that patients who had 3/5 Waddell           criteria were much more likely have non organic LBP; … Read more

Upper Extremity Tendon Transfers

– Tendon Transfers for Specific Palsies:     – Brachial Plexus Palsy     – High Ulnar Nerve Palsy     – Low Ulnar Nerve Palsy     – High Median Nerve Palsy     – Low Median Nerve Palsy     – Radial Nerve Palsy – Prerequisites:     – full passive joint mobility; … Read more

Upper Extremity Arteriogram

– Discussion:     – it is important that the injection site be at distance proximal to site of injury;          – if this cannot be performed w/ ease, retrograde axillosubclavian technique should be utilized;     – insertion of needle into brachial artery is facilitated by immobilizing artery against humerus;     … Read more

Ulnar Nerve in Elbow Trauma

– See:       – Ulnar Nerve:       – Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: – Discussion:     – ulnar nerve neuritis is a reported of operative treatment  for elbow frxs;     – one of complications of ORIF of elbow frxs is adherence of the ulnar nerve directly to medial epicondylar region w/ … Read more

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

– Discussion:     – osseous related pain:           – hamate fracture            – pisiform fracture           – ulnar styloid frx           – base of the fifth metacarpal     – TFCC     – radioulnar joint           – … Read more