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Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

- Discussion:
    - osseous related pain:
          - hamate fracture 
          - pisiform fracture
          - ulnar styloid frx
          - base of the fifth metacarpal
    - TFCC
    - radioulnar joint
          - radioulnar joint instability
          - ulnocarpal impingement syndrome
    - carpal instability:
          - triquetrolunate instability 
          - mid carpal instability
    - vascular related pain: hypothenar hand syndrome
    - neurologic related pain:
          - ulnar nerve entrapment at Guyon's canal
          - ulnar dorsal sensory branch neuritis;
    - tendon related pain:
          - extensor carpi ulnaris
          - flexor carpi ulnaris

The “Ulnar Fovea Sign” for Defining Ulnar Wrist Pain: an Analysis of Sensitivity and Specificity.