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Innervation of the Leg and Foot

- See: Innerv. Musc. Lower Limb :
- Discussion:
    - skin of leg is innervated by the saphenous nerve, terminal portion of Femoral Nerve , on medial side; by lateral sural nerve , branch
         of common  peroneal nerve, on lateral side; and by  Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve , above, & medial sural nerve, branch 
         of  tibal nerve , below, on posterior side;
    - medial sural cutaneous nerve is usually joined by branch from common peroneal nerve to form common peroneal nerve to form 
         Sural Nerve distributed to the lower part of posterolateral side of leg and and the lateral side of the foot;
    - on dorsum of foot, Saphenous Nerve supplies skin on medial side and Sural Nerve  on lateral side;
         - continuation of superficial Peroneal Nerve supplies middle portion, except skin in the great toe web space (which is innervated by
              deep peroneal  nerve);
    - on plantar surface, lateral plantar nerve supplies lateral one fourth & medial plantar nerve which supplies medial three fourths;
    - skin over calcaneus  is supplied by medial calcaneal nerve, branch arising from tibal nerve , just before its termination as the plantar nerves