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Upper Extremity Tendon Transfers

- Tendon Transfers for Specific Palsies:
    - Brachial Plexus Palsy
    - High Ulnar Nerve Palsy
    - Low Ulnar Nerve Palsy
    - High Median Nerve Palsy
    - Low Median Nerve Palsy
    - Radial Nerve Palsy

- Prerequisites:
    - full passive joint mobility;
    - acceptable distal sensation;
    - virgin tissue thru which tissue can be transfered;
    - normal or near motor strength in donor muscle;
    - acceptable excursion of the transfered muscle;
    - good compliance of the overlying soft tissues (ie skin is not too tight)

Variability in Surgical Technique for Brachioradialis Tendon Transfer. Evidence and Implications.