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Tumors of Hand and Distal radius

– Adamantinoma – Basal Cell Carcinoma: – Calcinosis – Chondrosarcoma: – the most common bony malignancy in the hand; – CMC Boss: bony growth at bases of second and third metacarpals; – special radiographs can demonstrate the osteophytes, which may be resected if symptoms warrent; – associated with ganglia at least 30% of the time, … Read more

Wrist Arthrodesis

– Indications: – painful or unstable wrist joint w/ advanced destruction due to OA, RA, post traumatic arthritis, SLAC wrist, spastic flexion contracture, degenerative scaphoid non-union, unsuccessful wrist arthroplasty, and Keinbock’s dz; – this procedure is more beneficial for young, active pts or middle aged pts, but not for elderly pts; – PreOp Considerations: – in … Read more

Wrist Arthroscopy

– Positioning and Preparation: – joint is distended w/ finger traps (to index and long fingers) w/ about 10 lbs, using a pulley system; – counter traction is applied to the arm w/ use of a second 10 lb pulley – this allows the elbow to be flexed 90 deg; – gravity assistant inflow; – initially … Read more


– see wrist menu Bennett’s Fracture Blood Supply to the Wrist Boutonnere Injuries Bouvier’s Test Burns of the hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Claw Hand Clenched Fist Injuries Congenital Deformities of the Hands Compartment Syndromes of the Hand and Forearm CMC Arthritis DeQuervain’s Disease Digit Reimplantation Distal Phalangeal Frx Distal Phalangeal Frx/Finger Tip Injuries … Read more

Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

– Discussion:     – unicompartmental arthroplasty serves a specific nitch for knees that are too severe for arthroscopic management of medial DJD (see mosaicplasty) but are not severe enough for total knee replacement; – best indications: – UKR for patients with partial thickness cartilage loss in the affected compartment. – The implications of damage to the lateral … Read more

Ulnar Bursae

– Anatomy:     – ulnar bursae includes little finger tendon sheath which begins at terminal phalanx & extends proximally half way up the palm;           – occassionally the distal unexpanded part of little finger tendon sheath does not communicate w/ ulnar bursae;     – in the palm, the ulnar … Read more