The Hip - book

AP View of the Wrist

– See: – PA View – Radial Inclination – Discussion: – AP has the dorsum of the hand touching the film, with the x-ray beam passing palmar to dorsal, whereas in a PA film, the palmar surface lies flat on the film and the x-ray beam passes from the dorsal to palmar surface; – palmar … Read more

Anterior Approach to the Hip (Smith Petersen)

– See: Watson Jones Approach – Discussion: – Smith Petersen improved & revived the anterior iliofemoral approach; – entire ilium and hip joint can be reached thru iliac part of incision; – w/ this approach there is a need for extensive detachment of tendinous insertions & retraction of muscle, w/ potential damage to femoral artery and … Read more

Acute Ligament Repair for SLD

by William Mallon MD  – Skin Incision:     – Identification of Radial Nerve:   – Identification of 3-4 Interval:   – Longitudinal Arthrotomy:   – arthrotomy performed just distal to Lister’s tubercle over scapholunate interval;  – this should provide clear exposure of scaphoid and lunate;  – alternatively, a distally based capsular flap can be … Read more

Swan Neck Deformity following Excision of FDS

Discussion may result from complete excision of the flexor digitorum sublimis; it is especially likely to occur in patients with a hyperextensible PIP joint; major vinculum exists at the insertion of the sublimis tendon; when tendon is exised to to its insertion, the vinculum is violated, creating major source of adhesion formation for reconstructed tendon; … Read more