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Wrists: Physical Exam

- Hand: Physical Exam
   Flex  Ext   R/Dev. U/Dev.  Pro  Sup         Radial-Ulnar Art.
   75    70    25     45      60   60
   5/5   5/5                                    2+     2+
- Dorsal Wrist Pain
- Radial and Snuff Box Tenderness
- Finkelstein's test
- Grind Test
- Triquetrolunate instability
     - Ballottement test (VISI)
- Dorsal Wrist Pain
- Ulnar Wrist Pain
- Bunnel Test for Intrinsic Tightness
- Piano Key Test
- Radiology of the Wrist
- Watson test
- Tendon Exam:
     - an extended finger indicates laceration of both tendons;
     - it is possible to extend a finger w/ a variable degree of extensor lag even if the long extensor tendon is cut, becuase of connections between the extensor tendons at the level of the MP joint;
- Compartment     Contents         Pathologic Conditions
     1           APL, EPB               DeQuervain's Disease
     2           ECRL, ECRB         Tennis elbow
     3           EPL                              Rupture at Lister's tubercle
     4           EDC, EIP                 Extensor Tenosynovitis
     5           EDM                   rupture (rheumatoid)
     6           ECU                        snapping at ulnar styloid

 Importance of soft-tissue evaluation in hand and wrist trauma: statistical evaluation.