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- See:
      - Blood Supply to the Wrist
      - Thumb Deformities in Rheumatoid Arthritis
      - Thumb Fractures

- Discussion:
    - articulates w/ thumb;
    - move distal to snuff box to snuffbox to palpate trapezium-thumb articulation;
    - trapezium-thumb articulation is saddle like & lies immediately proximal to thenar eminence; (ask pt to flex and extend thumb)

- Blood Supply:
    - trapezium receives nutrient arteries thru two non articular surfaces, & have consistent intraosseous anastomosies which explains the rare occurance of AVN;

- Sprain of Thumb CMC:
    - seen in skiers and are usually related to the pole and strap leverage in first web space during falls;
    - range from subluxation to chondral shear injuries, w/ former analogous to Bennett's fracture injury;
    - avoidance of wide thumb abduction will allow the capsule to heal;

- Trapezium Fracture:
    - Differential Diagnosis:
    - avulsion frx occurs more often than a pure dislocation attests to strenght of the anterior oblique ligament;
           - AOL anchors volar lip of metacarpal to tubercle of trapezium;
    - follows a direct blow of the fist or a fall on the on the radially deviated closed hand may resemble findings assoc scaphoid frx
    - swelling and pain are usually directed at base of thumb, rather than over the scaphoid;

- Degenerative Dz:
    - second most common degenerative pattern in the wrist;
    - treatment options include STT Fusion, trapeziectomy w/ soft tissue tissue interposition (LRTI);

- Physical Exam:
    - common site for degenerative arthritis is the thumb basal joint;
    - axial compression of the metacarpal upon the Trapezium gives a grinding sensation and is painful;
    - thumb often has adducted stance w/ prominent "knob" at basal joint, adduction of metacarpal, & hyperextension of the MCP joint;
             - this must be distinguished from DeQuervain's Disease


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