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Wrist Joint Aspiration & Arthroscopy

- Discussion:
      - joint is entered dorsally;
      - if there is any difficulty in entering Wrist Joint, hand can be suspended in Chinese finger traps to help open the joint space;
      - there are 2 main entry sites, 3-4 & 4-5 sites;
            - 3-4 site is used most often & enters wrist between 3rd & 4th extensor compartments;
                   - palpate Lister's tubercle on distal radius & enter skin just distal to this, volar flexing wrist to facilitate entry;
            - 4-5 site is between 4th & 5th extensor compartments;
                   - this is used for ulnar carpal pathology, but other than palpating distal ulnar, there is no good bony landmark to identify the entry site