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Aspiration of Elbow Joint

Discussion elbow can be entered either ulnarly or radially, but radial approach is preferred inorder to avoid ulnar nerve injury; radial nerve is lies anterior to the elbow joint, and may be moved even more anteriorly by supinating the forearm; landmarks for aspiration of the elbow joint are the radial head, lateral epicondyle, and tip of the … Read more

AO Classification (Muller)

– A: Extra-articular (Transverse) – B: Unicondylar fracture        – subdivided into lateral condyle sagittal, and medial condyle saggital and coronal;        – deforming forces: gastrocnemius        – of special importance is B III (Coronal or Hoffa fracture), where only soft tissue attachment is the posterior capsule, that behaves  … Read more

Anatomy of Olecranon

Discussion together w/ proximal portion of the coronoid process, olecranon forms greater sigmoid notch of the ulna, a deep depression that serves as articulation w/ trochlea that serves as the articulation w/ trochlea which allows motion only in anteroposterior plane and provides stability to the elbow joint; articular cartilage surface is interrupted by a transverse line of bone, “bare … Read more

Acinetobacter anitratus

IMP  Ciproflox AP Pen Ceftaz S/S: symptoms vary depending on site of infection, are similar to infections caused by other opportunistic gram negative bacteria; Rarely, if ever cause infections in healthy individuals; Nosocomial septicemias associated with indwelling IV catheters; Urinary tract infections due to indwelling bladder catheters Source: Soil, water; Skin: Groin, axilla, antecubital fossa; … Read more

Above Elbow Amputation

(see also: Upper Extremity Prosthetics) Surgical Considerations consider the Marquardt Osteotomy of the Humerus: supracondylar, to put 15-20 deg of posterior angulation at this site, to facilitate suspension and provide rotational control; distal piece must be at least 5 cm long; stagger the median and ulnar nerve resection levels to avoid a large confluent neuroma