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Elbow Joint

 - ROM:
      - normal flexion is from 0 to 150 deg of motion and 80 deg of pronation and supination;
      - functional range of motion is from 30-130 deg flexion and 50 deg of pronation-supination;
 - no tenderness, synovitis, swelling, subcutaneous nodules along the olecranon border (bursa), lateral/medial epicondyle;
 - no tenderness medial supracondylar line of humerus / no median nerve sx;
 - with flexion, the olecranon and medial and lateral epicondyles formed an isosceles triangle;
 - with extension olecranon and epicondyles lie in a straight line;
 - with supination and pronation, no tenderness over radial head;
 - no tenderness/instability of lateral colateral ligament with varus stress
 - no tenderness/instability of medial colateral lig. with valgus stress;
 - tennis elbow test

Functional Elbow Range of Motion for Contemporary Tasks