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Artery Menu

- See:
      - Arteriography / angiographic 3D view
      - Arterio-venous malformations
      - Arterial Trauma
      - Development
      - Fractures associated with Arterial Injuries
      - Intimal Injuries
      - Microanastomosis
      - Pharmocological Agents in Vascular Surgery
      - Prosthetic Grafts
      - Vascular Shunts
      - Vascular Problems of the Wrist and Hand
      - Venous Repair
      Anastomosis of Lower Limb Arteries
      Anterior Humeral Circumflex Artery
      Anterior Tibial Artery
      Axillary Artery
      Brachial Artery
      Circumflex Femoral Artery, Lateral
      Circumflex Femoral Artery, Medial
      Corona Mortis
      Cruciate Anastomosis
      Deep Femoral Artery
      Descending br. of LCFA
      Descending Genicular Br of SFA
      Dorsalis Pedis:
      Epiphyseal Artery
      Femoral Artery
      Genicular arteries
      Inferior Gluteal Artery
      Ischiadic artery
      Median Artery
      Metaphyseal Artery
      Nutrient Artery
      Obturator Artery
      Perforating Vessels of the Femur
      Periosteal Artery
      Peroneal Artery
      Popliteal Artery
      Posterior Humeral Circumflex Artery
      Posterior Tibial Artery
      Profunda Brachi Artery
      Profunda Femoris
      Radial Artery
      Retinacular Vessels
      Subclavian Artery
      Superior Gluteal Artery
      Sural Artery
      Thoracoacromial Artery
      Ulnar Artery
      Upper Limb


Induced angiogenesis for limb ischemia.

Images in clinical medicine. Peripheral artery disease.