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Perforating Vessels of the Femur


- Discussion:
    - arises from posterior aspect of profunda femoris  artery;
    - they course directly against linea aspera of the femur & tendonous insertions of adductor muscles;
    - inferior gluteus artery gives twigs to upper ends of muscle attaching to ischial tuberosity and transverse branch 
           of MFCA appears between quadratus femoris & upper border of magnus;
    - first two perforating arteries: penetrate adductor brevis & magnus;
    - 1st perforating artery:
           - passes below pectineus & thru middle of adductor brevis & magnus;
           - posteriorly, passes just below insertion of gluteus maximus
    - 2nd perforating artery:
           - after giving off nutrient artery to femur thru its lower, it pierces tendons of adductor brevis & adductor magnus;
           - second 2 perforating arteries: penetrate only the adductor magnus;
           - these vessels form chief supply to posterior muscles of thigh;
    - 3rd perforating artery:
         - passess just below the lowest part of adductor brevis and penetrates adductor magnus;
    - 4th perforating artery:
         - pierces adductor magnus muscle & largely ends in short head of the biceps femoris muscle