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Anterior Tibial / Dorsalis Pedis Arteries

- See posterior tibial artery

- Anatomy:
    - anterior tibial artery passes from behind through gap above interosseous membrane to enter anterior compartment of leg and supply its muscles;
    - as it crosses membrane, it gives off a  recurrent branch;
            - ref: The risk of injury to anterior tibial artery in posterolateral approach to the tibia plateau: A cadaver study
    - it continues on dorsum of foot as dorsalis pedis artery, which gives off medial and lateral tarsal branches;
    - ends by dividing into arcuate artery and the larger deep plantar artery;
    - arcuate artery has three metatarsal branches that, in turn, divide into dorsal digital arteries;
         - deep plantar artery sends digital branches to great toe and second toe and passes between heads of the first dorsal interosseous muscle to the plantar surface;

- Exposure:
    - anterior tibial artery is exposed thru a longitudinal incision in lateral calf over the mid portion of anterior compartment;
    - dense fascia of the anterior compartment is incised and dissection deepened between the bellies of the long extensors;
    - tibialis anterior and EHL muscle bodies are frequently fused, and neurovascular bundle is usually exposed between these and the extensor digitorum muscle;
    - here artery, its paired tibial veins, and the tibial nerve lie along surface of the interosseous membrane;
    - presence of a dorsalis pedis pulse does not rule out injury to A.T.A., since there may be retrograde blood flow from posterior tibial artery

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