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Proximal Humeral Fracture

– See: Proximal Humeral Physeal Injuries – Discussion: – classification of proximal humeral fractures: – anatomic neck fracture: – one part fracture – two part fractures – two part surgical neck fracture – two part tuberosity fractures: – lesser tuberosity frx; – greater tuberosity frx; – three part fractures – four part fracture: – fracture … Read more

Plate Fixation of Proximal Humeral Frx

– Discussion:      – indicated for displaced surgical neck, 3 part, and 4 part fracture;       – deforming forces:             – pectoralis major pulls the shaft medially, anteriorly and internally rotates;             – supraspinatus abducts the head fragment in two part fractures;             – w/ greater tuberosity is fracture, it will be pulled superiorly … Read more

Percutaneous Pinning of Proximal Humeral Frx

– Technique for Surgical Neck Frx:     – use 2.5 mm terminally threaded AO Schanz pins;     – following appropriate reduction, one pin is inserted thru lateral arm, at a point 8 cm distal to acromion in order to avoid            axillary nerve;     – second pin is inserted … Read more

Non Union of Distal Humeral Frx

– Discussion:     – nonunion of fractures of the distal humerus usually occurs when stable internal fixation has not been achieved  Open reduction and internal fixation of delayed union and nonunion of the distal humerus.  Reconstruction after malunion and nonunion of intra-articular fractures of the distal humerus. Methods and results in 13 adults. Non-union of fractures of … Read more

Non Union of Humeral Fractures

– Discussion: – Non Union – General Discussion: – definition of fracture union: defined as bridging callus (ideally both cortices) on 2 orthogonal views with the disappearance of fracture lines – care must be taken not to mistake a pseudoarthrosis for a simple hypertrophic nonunion; – treatment of the pseudoarthrosis requires complete resection of the synovial tissue, and … Read more

Jacobs Rods: Locking Hook Spinal Rods

– Discussion:     – locking hook spinal rod is constructed of extra hard, 316 L stainless;     – it is 5 x 7 mm in diameter and threaded at both ends for attachment hook, which are adjusted longitudinally using a pair of nuts;     – hooks are rotationally locked to the rod by … Read more


– See: – Blood Supply to the Humerus – Fractures of the Humerus – Anatomy:   – ossification centers – humeral head            – 3 months – greater tuberosity     – 3 years – lesser tuberosity       – 5 years   – proximal humeral epiphysis: – fuses by … Read more

Humeral Shaft Fracture

 – See: Humeral Frx – Main Menu – Condylar Fractures – Non Union of Humeral Fractures – Pediatric Humeral Shaft Fracture – Synthes Humeral Shaft Products – Discussion: – mechanism: – bending force produces transverse frx of the shaft; – torsion force will result in a spiral fracture; – combination of bending and torsion produce … Read more

Histologic Changes in Rickets

– Medullary bone: – decreased in quantity, & trabecula are thin & irregular; – feature that most sig helps to establish the dx is presence of layer of unmineralized bone (osteoid seam) surrounding mineralized segment; – trabeculae & cortex have less bone, & is surrounded by a layer of unmineralized bone (osteoid seam) – osteoid seams; … Read more