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Tumors of the Proximal Humerus / Scapula

– Osteosarcoma (common) – Enchondroma (relatively common) – Ewing’s sarcoma: diaphyseal region; – Periosteal chondroma (just proximal to insertion of deltoid) – Osteochondroma – Chondroblastoma – Chondromyxoid fibroma – Aneurysmal bone cyst – Simple bone cyst – Giant Cell Tumor of Bone; – Chondrosarcoma: (affects the shoulder girdle) – Fibrous Histiocytoma – Fibrosarcoma of bone; … Read more

Three Part Fracture Dislocation

– See: Three Part Fracture – Discussion:     – includes large proximal fragment created by frx of surgical neck of humerus;     – some capsular tissue is almost always retained on large head fragment ensuring its viability;     – if head fragment is displaced anteriorly, greater tuberosity is usually frxed, whereas lesser tuberosity … Read more

Three Part Proximal Humerus Fractures

– See: Three Part Fracture Dislocation and Four Part Fracture – Discussion: – tuberosity frag + displaced surgical neck fragment; – unstable shafts may be driven into mass of deltoid muscle & may be anterior to the proximal fragment; – poor bone contact will lead to delayed or nonunion in most cases; – subtypes: – greater … Read more

Subacromial Bursa

Discussion (see also: subacromial bursectomy) subacromial bursa is large synovial membrane which is adherent to undersurface of coracoacromial ligament, acromion, & delltoid laterally, an is adherent to rotator cuff & greater tuberosity; it envelops proximal humerus, & facilitates gliding of proxiaml humerus under coracoacromial arch References Synovial osteochondromatosis in the subacromial bursa. Subacromial/subdeltoid bursa abscesses. An overlooked diagnosis.

References for the Humerus / Humeral Frx

Upper extremity fractures in the acute spinal cord injured patient. Percutaneous stabilization of unstable fractures of the humerus. Biodegradable fixation of distal humeral physeal fractures. Growth plate activity in the upper extremity. Growth and predictions of growth in the upper extremity. Pathologic fracture of the humerus. Management of concomitant ipsilateral fractures of the humerus and … Read more

Reconstruction Plates, 3.5 mm

– Discussion:     – these plates are used with 3.5 mm cortex screws;     – their main application is for use with pelvic and acetabular frx;     – they may be also used in fractures of the distal humerus (dorsolateral apect), the clavicle, and the calcaneus;     – reconstruction plates have notches … Read more

Proximal Humeral Physeal Injuries

– See: – Humeral Shaft Fractures in Children – Throwing Shoulder – Discussion: – most of these injuries are either Salter I or II fractures; – frx separations of proximal humeral epiphysis occur most often between ages of 11 and 15 years; – 80% of longitudinal growth of humerus occurs in proximal physis; – large … Read more