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Type III Olecranon Frx

– Discussion:         – frx is displaced & forearm is unstable in relation to humerus;         – this injury is really a fracture-dislocation;         – Avulsion Fracture         – Comminuted Fractures         – Distal Olecranon Fracture:         … Read more

Tumors of the Proximal Humerus / Scapula

– Osteosarcoma (common) – Enchondroma (relatively common) – Ewing’s sarcoma: diaphyseal region; – Periosteal chondroma (just proximal to insertion of deltoid) – Osteochondroma – Chondroblastoma – Chondromyxoid fibroma – Aneurysmal bone cyst – Simple bone cyst – Giant Cell Tumor of Bone; – Chondrosarcoma: (affects the shoulder girdle) – Fibrous Histiocytoma – Fibrosarcoma of bone; … Read more

Triceps Reflecting Approach to the Elbow

– See: Posterior Approach to the Humerus; – Positioning:     – patient is in lateral position w/ arm brought across the chest;     – plan on adusting flexion of elbow inorder to increase or decrease tension;     – sterile tourniquet is required; – Technique:     – straight longitudinal incision beginning 7-10 … Read more

Trauma and Fractures Menu

(see also: – Trauma Workup; Open Frx; Frx Healing; AO Foundation; ON FRACTURES by Hippocrates.) Acetabular Fracture Ankle Fractures Barton’s Fracture: Dorsal Barton’s Fracture Volar Barton’s Fracture Bennet’s Fracture Both Bone Forearm Frx Boxer’s Frx Burst Fractures (of spine) Calcaneus, Frx Capitulum Fractures Chauffeur’s Fracture Chance Fracture Clavicle Fracture Colles Fracture Compression Frx (Spinal) Condylar … Read more

Transverse Fractures

– See:       – Avulsion Fracture       – Comminuted Fractures       – Fracture Dislocations       – Oblique Fractures       – Surgical Approach: – Discussion:     – transverse frx enters semilunar notch, & amount of separation of is influenced by the pull of triceps muscle … Read more