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TKR: Rotational Alignment using AP Axis

– Discussion:     – see rotational alignment in TKR:     – rotational mal-alignment may lead to patellar malalignment and varus-valgus instability;     – valgus knee may have a lateral condyle which is deficient posteriorly;     – therefore, use of the posterior condyles as a reference, may lead to relative internal rotation of the … Read more

TKR Femoral Cuts: Anterior, Posterior, Chamfer Cuts

– Theoretical Considerations:     – distance from posterior reesction plane to anterior resection plane must equal the internal dimension of femoral component being used;            – this cut must be made at a distance from the anterior cut equal to inner anterior-posterior dimension of femoral component used;       … Read more

Tibia Fractures: Ilizarov / Circular Wire Fixators

– See:       – Enhancement of Fixator Stability        – Ilizarov Menu        – Ring characteristics        – Safe Zone of Pin Insertion        – Foot Inclusion        – Synthes Hybrid Fixator       – Wire Insertion Technique – Discussion:     – in the report by Paley D and Maar DC (2000), … Read more

Three Part Fracture Dislocation

– See: Three Part Fracture – Discussion:     – includes large proximal fragment created by frx of surgical neck of humerus;     – some capsular tissue is almost always retained on large head fragment ensuring its viability;     – if head fragment is displaced anteriorly, greater tuberosity is usually frxed, whereas lesser tuberosity … Read more