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Transverse Fractures

- See:
      - Avulsion Fracture
      - Comminuted Fractures
      - Fracture Dislocations
      - Oblique Fractures
      - Surgical Approach:
- Discussion:
    - transverse frx enters semilunar notch, & amount of separation of is influenced by the pull of triceps muscle & integerity of triceps 
         aponeurosis and periosteum of the olecranon;
- Simple Type:
    - fracture occurs at the deepest point of the trochlear notch;
    - it is an Avulsion Fracture and results from a sudden pull of both the triceps and brachialis muscles;
         - it may also result from a direct fall on the olecranon itself;
- Complex Type:
   - result from direct force w/ associatted comminution & joint depression;
   - once the fragment is reduced, a defect may be left which may may need to be bone grafted;
- Treatment:
    - tension band wiring