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Flexor Carpi Radialis

- See: Forearm Flexors

- Discussion:
    - origin: medial epicondyle of humerus;
    - anatomy at the wrist:
          - when pt flexes wrist & radially deviates his hand, tendon becomes prominent next to the  palmaris longus;
          - FCR lies radial to the palmaris longus at level of the wrist;
          - tendon enters a fibro-osseous tunnel just proximal to the trapezium;
          - w/ in the tunnel, the tendon is in partial contact w/ the trapezium;
          - after crossing the trapezium, it passes dorsal to the FPL;
    - insertion:
           - small slip to trapezial tuberosity;
           - anterior surface of base of 2nd metacarpal;
           - small slip to base of third metacarpal;
    - innervation: median nerve, C7 > C6;
    - action: flexes and abducts the hand at the wrist;
    - synergist: flexor carpi ulnaris;

- Flexor Carpi Radiolis Tendinitis:
    - FCR tendinitis is less common than tendinitis affecting FCU;
    - it is usually associated with chronic repetitive trauma;
    - diff dx: anomalous connection between FPL and FDP;
    - etiology:
         - tenosynovitis
         - ganglion cyst
         - basal joint arthritis;
         - distal scaphoid fracture;
         - distal radius fracture;
    - patho-anatomy:
         - separate compartment of transverse carpal ligament;
         - overlying scphoid tubercle and trapezial crest;
         - multiple adhesions in the tunnel;
         - fibrous sheath over distal end of this tendon may become constricted secondary to trauma or arthrosis and cause pain at base of palm;
         - close relationship of FCR & median nerve occassionally accounts for irritation of median nerve secondary to tenosynovitis of the FCR;
    - exam:
         - include tenderness & crepitus on palpation over tendon & & pain on wrist flexion and radial deviation against resistance or on passive extension;
         - cause of volar radial wrist pain;
         - pain with flexion and extension
         - point tenderness over FCR at wrist flexion crease;
         - diagnositic injection into the tendon sheath will confirm the diagnosis;
    - surgery:
         - w/ failure of non-op Rx, FCR tunnel should be decompressed;
         - incision radial to FCR to prevent injury to palmar cutaneous branch;
         - reflect thenar muscles off transverse carpal ligament;
         - open the tendon sheath from proximal to distal;
         - release the fibro-osseous tunnel along the ulnar border of the trapezium;
         - optionally consider resection of scaphoid tubercle and trapezial crest;
         - tenolyse and free FCR to insertion;
         - start early motion;

- Rupture of FCR tendon;
    - should be included in diff dx of scaphoid frx; (see diff Dx ):
    - occurs from a fall on the out stretched hand, causing separation of insertion of FCR deep to the thenar muscles;
    - chip of bone may separate w/ tendon, or, in pts > 35 yrs of age, tendon may rupture partially or completely;
    - pain is detected over scaphoid on palmar surface of wrist or is present proximally along the course of the FCR

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