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C7 Neurologic Level

- C6-7 Disc Herniation:
    - intervertebral disk herniation between 6th & 7th cervical vertebrae would affect 7th cervical nerve root;
    - impingement on root at this level would most likely cause sensory changes down the posterior aspect of the arm, posterolateral
            aspect of forearm, about dorsum of hand, and long finger;
    - this is assoc w/ weakness of wrist flexors, triceps, & pronators;

- C7 Cord Lesion: (care of the spine injured patient)
    - w/ C7 level spinal lesion, only functioning foream & wrist muscles are BR, ECRB /  ECRL , and FCR ;
    - consider transfer of FCR to thumb for opposition;
    - splints for C-7 escape:
           - proximal stability present;
           - loss of grasp;
           - wrist extensor present (power source)
           - use wrist driven flexion hinge;
           - persons may use their own natural tenodesis;
           - prehension pinch is required for activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene and dressing;
           - wrist driven prehension wrist hand orthosis powered by wrist extensor muscles gives a pt with a C7 functional level a functional pinch