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Flexor Digitorum Brevis


- See:
      - Plantar Muscles of the Foot:
      - Innerv. Musc. Lower Limb
- Origin:
     - medial process of the calcaneus, central part of the plantar aponeurosis, and the intermuscular septa;
     - entire muscle belly is firmly united with the plantar aponeurosis;
- Insertion:
     - at the level of MTP joint each tendon splits into two arms which pass around the FDL, and finally join to insert into the middle 
           phalanges of 2nd to 5th toes (much like the the FDS in the hand);
- Action:
     - plantar flexes the middle phalanges on the proximal phalangeal articulation (ie. flexes the PIP joint);
     - continued action flexes the proximal phalanges on the metatarsals;
- Synergist: Flexor Digitorum Longus;
- Nerve Supply: medial plantar, L4, L5, S1