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Classic Osteosarcoma

– See:      – Bone Tumor Menu  and Osteosarcoma Demonstration Project – Discussion:     – malignant tumor of bone in which neoplastic osteoid is produced by a proliferating spindle cell stroma;     – most common primary malignant bone tumor of mesenchymal derivation;     – arises in adolescents, and second or third decade;     – … Read more


– See: Bone Tumor Menu – Discussion:     – malignant cartilaginous tumor of bone (3rd most common malignant bone tumor / comprises 20% of malignant bone lesions);     – it is less common and less aggressive than osteosarcoma;     – staging:             – histologic grading is best predictor of stage;             – most often presents as … Read more

Joint Arthroscopy:

    ankle arthroscopy elbow arthroscopy hip arthroscopy arthroscopy of the knee joint shoulder arthroscopy – arthroscopic rotator cuff repair wrist arthroscopy Additional Informaton The Effect of Irrigation Solution at Different Temperatures on Articular Cartilage Metabolism Supraphysiologic Temperature Enhances Cytotoxic Effects of Bupivacaine on Bovine Articular Chondrocytes in an In Vitro Study Effect of Different … Read more

AP of Shoulder: in the scapular plane

– See:       – Anterior Dislocation       – Posterior Dislocations: – Discussion:     – note: w/ true AP of shoulder there should be no overlap of the humerus over the glenoid; – Greater Tuberosity and Acromio Humeral Interval;     – AP in ext. rot. brings greater tuberosity into clear … Read more

Anterior Shoulder Reconstruction

– See:        – Arthroscopic Reconstruction        – Historic Operations        – Revision Bankart Procedure – Bankart Repair:     – reattachment of the capsule and glenoid labrum to the glenoid lip;     – subscapularis is carefully divided to expose the capsule, and is reapproximated without any overlap … Read more