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ACL Graft Fixation

 – Discussion:     – see Arthrex, Mitek, Linvatec, Smith-Nephew     – in choosing a fixation technqiue consider the need for the following:              – circumferential (360 deg) healing of graft against tunnel wall (interference screws do not permit this);              – bioabsorbable material … Read more

Childhood Arthritic Conditions

Considerations for the Child w/ Joint Swelling, Limited Motion, and Pain synovial fluid exam polyarthralgia: polyarticular JRA (symmetric polyarthralgia); pauciarticular leukemia hemophilia lyme disease acute rheumatic fever septic arthritis incidious / chronic presentation of joint arthralgias: periarticular tumor oseoid osteoma pauciarticular JRA polyarticular JRA seronegative arthritides osteochondroses (LCP, osgood-schlatter dz) slipped capital femoral epiphysis lyme … Read more

Adult: Differential Diagnosis

Acromegaly: Ankylosing Spondylitis: Avascular Necrosis: Gaucher’s Disease: Hemochromatosis: Hemophilia Hypermobility Syndrome: this is an arthropathy associated with joint laxity; it is autosomal dominant associated with joint laxity; some of these are associated w/ DDH, but others present no particular surgical problems other than the fact that the surgical scar tends to spread and become broad; associated … Read more