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Types of Orthopaedic Infections

– Orthopaedic Infection Menu     – bacterial menu     – infectious tenosynovitis     – diabetic foot infections     – hand infections     – THR infections     – TKR Infections     – septic arthritis     – necrotizing soft tissue infections:     – osteomyelitis (Cierney Classification)     – spinal infection / osteomyelitis … Read more

Type III Tibial Plateau Frx

    – See: Tibial Plateau Frx Menu, Local Compression Frx – Discussion:     – involves central or peripheral depression of frx of lateral plateau w/o associated lateral wedge fracture;     – it usually occurs from minimal impact on weak osteoporotic bone;     – commonly affects older age groups (55-60 yrs) w/ marked osteoporosis; … Read more

Tumors of Soft Tissue

       – Bone Tumors      – Biopsy      – European Cancer Institute – Soft Tissue Sarcomas      – Metastatic Tumors      – MRI      – Stage Classification Tissue type: – Osseous      – Myositis ossificans      – Extraosseous osteosarcoma – Carilaginous:      – Chondroma      – Extraosseous chondrosarcoma      – Synovial Chondromatosis – Fibrous:      – Fibroma      – Fibrosarcoma      – Desmoplastic Fibroma      – … Read more


Discussion although the disease is generally more likely to be chronic, acute mycobacterial arthritis has been reported; periarticular bone lesions may accompany the synovial involvement; pulmonary tuberculosis is evident in only half the patients with skeletal involvement; pulmonary TB signs vary with stage of dz, few early on; later high fever, wt loss, prolonged, productive … Read more

Trigger Finger: Non Operative Treatment

– DIP Joint Immobilization:     – immoblization of the DIP joint is extremely useful in preventing triggering in all of the fingers including the thumb;     – DIP immobilization (leaving the PIP free), has minimal functional limitations and most patients can work without restrictions;     – technique: consider applying two layers of … Read more

Trigger Finger / Tenosynovitis

– See: – Phalangeal Injury – Congenital Trigger Thumb – Rheumatoid Trigger Finger – Discussion: – results from localized tenosynovitis of superficial and deep flexor tendons adjacent to A1 pulley at a metacarpal head; – inflammation causes nodular enlargement of tedon distal to pulley; – occurs most often in middle or ring fingers (occassionally in … Read more

Transient Synovitis

– Discussion:     – relatively short lived acute inflammatory process;     – usually seen in boys aged 2 to 10 years;     – frequently follows an upper respiratory tract infection;     – most common cause of painful hips in childhood;     – is a diagnosis of exclusion;     – … Read more