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Van Nes Rotational Plasty

Functional Analysis of Patients Who Have Had a Modified Van Nes Rotationplasty. Van Nes rotational osteotomy for treatment of proximal femoral focal deficiency and congenital short femur. Modified Van Nes rotationplasty in the treatment of malignant neoplasms in the lower extremities of children. Modification of the skin incision for the Van Nes limb rotationplasty. The Van … Read more

Type VI Plateau Frx

    – Discussion:  Tibial Plateau Frx Menu     – bicondylar frx w/ distal oblique shaft frx;     – these frx have bicondylar frx along w/ dissociation of diaphysis from metaphysis;     – if the medial plateau fragment is intact, this frx can be treated with placement of a lateral plate and             and Ex … Read more

Type III: Pilon Frx

– Discussion:     – severe articular comminution and articular impaction frx;     – reduce fibula then perform plate & lag screw fixation;     – restores length of fractured distal tibia:     – reduce articular surface     – carried out & maintained by temporarily stabilizing it with K wires;     … Read more

Type III Tibial Plateau Frx

    – See: Tibial Plateau Frx Menu, Local Compression Frx – Discussion:     – involves central or peripheral depression of frx of lateral plateau w/o associated lateral wedge fracture;     – it usually occurs from minimal impact on weak osteoporotic bone;     – commonly affects older age groups (55-60 yrs) w/ marked osteoporosis; … Read more

Type IV (Medial) Tibial Plateau Fractures

– See:         – Tibial Plateau Frx Menu:    Bicondylar Fractures and Type V Frx, Type IV Fractures, Total Depression Fracture – Discussion:     – frx of medial tibial plateau (see total depression frx):     – carries worst prognosis of all tibial plateau fractures;     – 2 subsets of injury:   … Read more

Type I: Pilon Frx

– Discussion:     – articular fracture without significant displacement;     – malleolar fractures with large plafond fragments;     – these fragments are usually posterior;     – posteroinferior tibiofibular ligament & deep transverse ligament are attached to the fragment;     – first reduce & fix fibula;           … Read more

Triplane Fracture

– Discussion:     – name derives from the fact that the fracture exists in the frontal, lateral, and transverse planes;     – frx tends to occur in older children and young adolescents during an 18 month window, prior to physeal closure;           – lateral portion of epiphysis is the last to close leaving it vulnerable to injury;     – … Read more