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Blood Supply to the Tibia

- Discussion:
    - see bone circulation:
    - blood supply to tibial shaft is dervied from nutrient artery & periosteal vessels;
    - nutrient artery:
           - arises from posterior tibial artery as it enters into the posterior tibial cortex, distal to the soleal line at the middle 1/3;
           - enters posterolateral cortex of the tibial at the origin of the soleus muscle;
           - artery may transverse distance of 5.5 cm before entering its oblique nutrient canal;
           - artery divides into three ascending branches & a single descending branch, which gives off smaller brances to the endostreal surface;
           - provides the endosteal blood supply to the inner tibial cortex;
           - may be damaged in segmental frx;
                  - this makes bone dependent on soft tissue envelope for blood supply, & stripping of soft tissues may render the bone avascular;
    - anterior tibial artery:
           - may be vulnerable to injury after its division from popliteal artery, where it passes thru hiatus in upper interosseous membrane;
           - periosteum has abundant blood supply from anterior tibial artery branches as it courses down interosseous membrane 

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