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Anesthesic Considerations for Spine Patients

– Pre-anesthetic Considerations:     – in spine injured patients, anesthesia is necessary even if the extremity is insensate inorder to prevent spasm and automatic dysreflexia;           – need to monitor for automatic dysreflexia (spinal anesthesia preferred);     – be aware that acture high paraplegics, because of generalized venous dilation, … Read more

Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

– Discussion:     – non-neoplastic expansile lesion consisting of blood filled spaces separated by connective tissue septa containing bone or osteoid              and osteoclast giant cells     – etiology unknown     – may be primary or secondary;     – an uncommon expansile osteolytic lesion of bone consisting of a proliferation of … Read more

Anatomy of the Axis

    – See:       – Development & Anomalies of Axis       – Dens Frx:       – Extension Teardrop Frx of C2       – Hangman’s Frx       – Normal Variants:   – Discussion:     – C2 provides rotation at its superior articulation w/ C1, … Read more

Anatomy of Sacrum

– Discussion:     – upper end of sacrum, base of triangle, is directed forward & upward;     – in middle is upper surface of body of the first sacral vertebra;     – its anterior border forms the sacral promontory.     – it is concave & fairly smooth on its pelvic surface, … Read more

Anatomy of Patella

– Discussion:     – sesamoid bone w/ in quadriceps tendon;     – cartilaginous posterior surface is divided by a rounded vertical ridge into a larger, lateral portion for articulation w/ lateral condyle of femur and smaller            medial portion for articulation w/ medial condyle of femur;     – w/ increasing knee flexion, contact … Read more

Adult Scoliosis

Discussion cardiopulmonary problems (thoracic curves > 60-65 deg alter PFT’s; curves > 90 deg may cause myelopathy & may affect mortality; progression is unlikely in curves < 30 deg single major thoracic curves > 60-80 deg are likely to increase in size even after growth was complete; rate of progression is about one degree per … Read more

Adult Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

– Discussion:     – often occurs as a result of degenerative disc disease and facet deficiency;     – it is often associated w/ intersegmental instability and w/ central stenosis;     – more commonly involves older black females and diabetics (affects females 6 times as much as males);     – involves L4-L5 … Read more

Multiple Myeloma

(see also: Bone Tumor Menu) Discussion myeloma is malignant tumor of plasma cells arising from a single clone; multiple myeloma accounts for > 40% of primary malignant tumors of bone. it is most common malignant primary tumor of bone may arise as single intraosseous tumor but more often it develops as multiple painful lesions throughout … Read more