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- See:
      - Cervical Kyphosis
      - Congenital Kyphosis:
      - Congenital Scoliosis:
      - Scheuermann's Kyphosis
      - Post Traumatic Kyphosis

- Post Traumatic Kyphosis:
     - kyphosis following burst fractures;
          - is especially common following thoracolumbar burst frx;
     - kyphosis from osteoporotic compression frx
          - treated non operatively;
          - surgical attempts at stabilization and correction deformities are marked by a high complication rate;

- Non Traumatic Adult Kyphosis:
    - may result from Scheurmann's disease, congenital kyphosis or AS, or as result of metabolic bone dz;
    - may be source of back pain in the adult, esp when present in thoracolumbar or lumbar spine;
    - treatment:
          - w/ failure of nonoperative management, posterior instrumentation & fusion of entire kyphoitic segment be indicated;
          - anterior fusion should be included in the procedure in curves not correcting to 55 deg or less on hyperextension lateral x-ray

Aortography in children with myelomeningocele and lumbar kyphosis.

Anterior stabilization, instrumentation, and decompression for post-traumatic kyphosis.

Vascularised rib grafts for stabilisation of kyphosis.

 Anterior strut grafting for the treatment of kyphosis.