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Work Up and Treatment of Acetabular Frx

– See: Trauma Menu – Discussion:     – note that with acetabular fracture associated with major trauma that there will be 50% chance of            at least one other major injury;            – neuro and head injury (see Glasgow)            – abdominal and chest injury (pulmonary … Read more

Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedics – Journal Watch

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Long-Term Results of Treatment of Fractures of the Medial Humeral Epicondyle in Children Operative Treatment of Interdigital Neuroma. A Long-Term Follow-up Study The Effects of Tibial Rotation on Posterior Translation in Knees in Which the Posterior Cruciate Ligament Has Been Cut Patellar Resurfacing in Total Knee Arthroplasty. A Prospective, … Read more

Weber C Fractures

– Discussion:     – Weber C ankle fractures occur above the the syndesmosis and are similar to PER injuries in the            Lauge Hansen classification:     – classification:            – C:    fibula fracture above syndesmosis            – C1  diaphyseal fracture of the fibula, simple   … Read more

Wayne County Reduction

– Discussion:     – Medial cortical overlap technique;     – Kaufer H, et. al. (1974);     – Stover, et al. (1971)     – For unstable intertroch frxs w/ sl medial or posterior instability;     – Reduction w/o medical cortical apposition or overlap is unstable & will result in femoral neck shortening and … Read more

Vit D: Discussion

– Discussion:     – see: abnormalities associated with vitamin D.     – primary function of vitamin D is to maintain skeletal calcium homeostasis;           – promotes gut absorption of calcium (and absorption of phosphorous);           – promotes bone absorption;           – important for … Read more

Vertebral Osteomyelitis

– See:        – Diskitis        – Gun Shot Wounds to the Spine        – Tuberculous Spondylitis – Discussion:     – in adults, lumbar infections may often originate from urinary tract infections which drain thru Batson’s venous plexus;           – respiratory system is also … Read more

Venous Repair

– Venous Anastomosis: – Discussion:   – thickest layer in the vein is the adventitia and cannot be stripped away from vessel as it can in the artery & therefore need to use gentle          technique in teasing away the excess adventia and trimming it with scissors;   – vessel walls are not as self supporting … Read more

Vastus Lateralis

– See Quads Origin: upper part of intertrochanteric line, anterior and lower borders of greater trochanter, lateral lip of gluteal tuberosity, upper         half of linea aspera, lateral intermuscular septum, and tendon of the gluteus maximus; Insertion: lateral border of the patella by the ligamentum patella into tibia tubercle; Action: extends the … Read more

Valgus Hindfoot Deformity in CP

– See:         – Cerebral Palsy: – Discussion:     – 64% w/ spastic diplegia & quadriplegia had pes valgus;     – spastic pes valgus foot is a flexible deformity until adolescence;     – spastic peroneal muscles pull the forefoot laterally and with it supporting plantar ligaments for the talar … Read more