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Wayne County Reduction

– Discussion:     – Medial cortical overlap technique;     – Kaufer H, et. al. (1974);     – Stover, et al. (1971)     – For unstable intertroch frxs w/ sl medial or posterior instability;     – Reduction w/o medical cortical apposition or overlap is unstable & will result in femoral neck shortening and … Read more

Vastus Medialis

    – See quadriceps muscle; Origin: Lower 1/2 of the intertrochanteric lines, medial lip of linea aspera, upper part of medial supracondylar line, medial intermuscular septum          tendons of adductor magnus and adductor longus; Insertion: Medial border of the patella by the ligamentum patella into the tibia tuberosity; Action: Extends the leg at the knee … Read more

Vastus Intermedius

– See Quads Origin: Proximal 2/3 of the anterolateral surface of the femur, lower 1/2 of the linea aspera, upper part of the lateral supracondylar line;          Lateral intermuscular septum; Insertion: By tendons of the rectus and vastus muscles into the superior border of the patella and by the ligamentum patella into the       … Read more

Vastus Lateralis

– See Quads Origin: upper part of intertrochanteric line, anterior and lower borders of greater trochanter, lateral lip of gluteal tuberosity, upper         half of linea aspera, lateral intermuscular septum, and tendon of the gluteus maximus; Insertion: lateral border of the patella by the ligamentum patella into tibia tubercle; Action: extends the … Read more

Van Nes Rotational Plasty

Functional Analysis of Patients Who Have Had a Modified Van Nes Rotationplasty. Van Nes rotational osteotomy for treatment of proximal femoral focal deficiency and congenital short femur. Modified Van Nes rotationplasty in the treatment of malignant neoplasms in the lower extremities of children. Modification of the skin incision for the Van Nes limb rotationplasty. The Van … Read more

Unstable Intertrochanteric Fractures

 – See:         – Radiographic Findings          – Sliding Hip Screw w/ Unstable Frx – Discussion:     – it is important prior to reduction to distinguish between unstable and stable frx intertroch fractures;     – w/ cortical instability on one side of frx owing to cortical overlap or destruction, frx … Read more

Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

– Discussion:     – unicompartmental arthroplasty serves a specific nitch for knees that are too severe for arthroscopic management of medial DJD (see mosaicplasty) but are not severe enough for total knee replacement; – best indications: – UKR for patients with partial thickness cartilage loss in the affected compartment. – The implications of damage to the lateral … Read more

Press Fit Femoral Stem: Proximal Fixation

– Discussion:     – press fit femoral stem main discussion     – coating press fit femoral stem;     – to maintain bone stock, proximal stress transfer must be a prominent feature of any cementless implant system;     – proximal part of femur is often exposed to high longitudinal strain, & bone … Read more