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Above Knee Amputation Prosthesis

Discussion it is important that knee joint is extended throughout stance phase; this means that the components are assembled so that a straight line extended fromthe "trochanter" will pass anterior to the knee and through the ankle; friction is adjusted to help control the amount of knee flexion and to help decelerate the shank; mechanical … Read more

Multiple Myeloma

(see also: Bone Tumor Menu) Discussion myeloma is malignant tumor of plasma cells arising from a single clone; multiple myeloma accounts for > 40% of primary malignant tumors of bone. it is most common malignant primary tumor of bone may arise as single intraosseous tumor but more often it develops as multiple painful lesions throughout … Read more


Discussion OA is defined as a chronic irreversible degenerative disease of articular cartilage predisposing conditions pathology and histology clinical features laboratory aspects Osteoarthritis of the Knee » Hip Osteoarthritis clinical features pain on wt-bearing felt in the groin, buttock, or medial thigh; trendelenburg gait will decrease mechanical stress on joint and thereby lessen pain (see … Read more

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

(see also: Spondyloarthropathies) Discussion affects young men (ages 15 to 25 years), but may also begin in middle-aged men; disease is often more severe when it occurs early in life; disease characterized by insidious onset of pain and stiffness in lower back associated w/ gradual loss of spinal mobility; illness may cause inflammation in uveal tract … Read more

Femoral Shaft Fracture Menu

    (see: Synthes Femoral Products)  Workup for Femoral Shaft Frx (trauma workup) assessment of perfusion: damage control orthopaedics timing of surgery in orthopaedic patients with brain injury surgical timing and prevention of ARDS in patients with femur frx IM Nailing Technique Anatomy of Femur Arterial supply Canal Entry Point Comminuted Femoral Shaft Fractures Distal … Read more