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Anatomic Snuff Box

(See also: DeQuervain's Disease, Differential Diagnosis)


  • snuff box is depression within the borders formed by EPB & EPL;
  • distal border is formed by prominent edge of base of first metacarpal & proximal border is formed by styloid process of the radius;
  • lies just dorsal and distal to the radial stylid process;
  • radial border of snuff box is composed of APL & EPB tendons which pass over radial styloid process & etch groove on its lateral aspect;
  • ulnar border of snuff box is EPL tendon & floor of scaphoid bone;
  • occasionally deep branch of radial artery is palpable where it crosses the scaphoid bone;
    • termainal branches of superficial radial nerve are also palpable where they cross EPL tendon;
  • terminal branches of the musculocutaneous nerve and the radial nerve, as well as the radial artery, crosses the snuff box;
  • floor consists of the dorsal tubercle of the trapezium, as well as portion of the dorsal surface of th scaphoid tubercle

Anatomical variations in the first extensor compartment of the wrist. A clinical and anatomical study.