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Diff Dx of Dorsal and Radial Sided Wrist Pain

- Landmarks:
    - one can palpate proximally in the snuff box radial styloid and, in mid third, the waist and distal third of the scaphoid;
    - at the distal end of the snuff box the STT joint is identified;
    - elliptical bony prominence at base of thenar muscles, consisting of trapezoidal ridge and scaphoid tuberosity;

- Diff Dx:
    - scapholunate instability:
            - patient complains of a popping and clicking in the wrist joint associated with pain and limited motion;
            - scaphoid lift test: pain with dorsal volar shifting of the scaphoid;
            - scapholunate and lunate injuries cause tenderness just distal to Lister's tubercle;
            - marked prominence of the entire carpus dorsally is suggestive of a perilunate dislocation;
            - scaphoid shift maneuver
            - no tenderness to over navicular tuberosity (snuff box), or tenderness with axial compression of thumb toward the snuff box;
    - scaphoid fracture:
    - lunate dislocation:
            - causes pain on the dorsum of the wrist more to the center of wrist area and less on the radial side;
            - neurologic assessment of the median nerve is essential;
            - lateral x-ray shows the distal concavity of the lunate may rotated 90 degrees and may be palmar to the capitate;
    - rupture of FCR tendon;
            - occurs from a fall on an outstretched hand
            - separation occurs at the insertion of the F.C.R. deep to the thenar muscle;
            - pain is detected over the scaphoid on the palmar surface of the wrist or is present proximally along the course of the FCR;
            - this occurs from a fall on the out stretched hand, causing separation of the insertion of FCR deep to the thenar muscles;
            - chip of bone may separate w/ tendon, or, in pts > 35 years of age, tendon may rupture partially or completely;
            - pain is detected over the scaphoid on the palmar surface of the wrist or is present proximally along the course of the F.C.R.
    - radial styloid fracture:
            - from a direct blow or fall on the outstretched hand;
            - compression of the styloid process may cause pain about the same location as does compression of the scaphoid;
            - simultaneous radial styloid frx is relatively common w/ carpal dislocation, & pt w/ radial styloid frx should have radiographs to 
                   exclude SLD;
            - these radiographs should include AP (supination, palm up) and clenched fist AP in addition to the true lateral;
    - trapezium fracture:
            - follows a direct blow of the fist or a fall on the on the radially deviated closed hand may resemble findings associated scaphoid 
                   fracture (different mechanism from scaphoid frx)
            - swelling and pain are usually directed at the base of the thumb, rather than over the scaphoid;
    - ECRL avulsion:
            - avulses from the base of the second metacarpal occurs as a result of forceful injury with the hand in ulnar deviation;
            - there is pain around the anatomic snuffbox near the location that is painful with the scaphoid fracture, however, the palmar  
                    aspect of wrist is not painful;
            - from the base of 2nd metacarpal occurs as result of forceful injury w/ hand in ulnar deviation or a direct blow or a downward 
                    stroke such as might occur while individual is swinging a golf club and strikes the ground;
    - ECRB tendon avulsion;
            - occurs from a forced palmar flexion injury of the wrist;
            - avulsion may occur from a forceful palmar flexion injury of wrist;
            - palpation dorsally causes pain at base of 3rd metacarpal, more distal than that which would occur if scaphoid were fractured, &
                     palmar aspect of the wrist is not painful;
    - deQuervain's disease
    - basilar joint (CMC) Arthrosis

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