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Allograft Bone Patellar Bone Reconstruction

– Discussion:     – general discussion of allograft tissue:     – as pointed out by Harner et al. (1996), subjective knee scores were slightly better for knees having ACL – bone patellar bone allograft (as compared to BPB autograft patients)            – objective ratings included normal (or nearly normal) … Read more


– see bone graft menu – Discussion of Allografts:     – see autograft menu and bone healing:      – allografts are most indicated when bone grafting is required along with need for mechanical structural support;     – morselized bone graft:     – structural bone grafts:      – fresh allografts            – generally … Read more

Alcohol Withdrawl

  – Discussion: –  onset- usually a few hours to 10 days after last drink (Usually 6-48 hr); – early symptoms: tend to be mild; – nausea, vomiting, anorexia, insomnia, diaphoresis, agitation, tachycardia, HTN, if seizures occur, – common abstinence syndrome, occurring at 6-8 hr, is the earliest withdrawl syndrome and is often present when the … Read more

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

     V. Fib and Pulseless VT      V. Tach      PSVT      A. Fib      A. Flutter      PAT      Bradycardia      ventricular ectopy      Asystole      Angina / MI – Misc:     – IJ Central Line Insertion;     – CPR     … Read more

Adult Both Bone Forearm Fracture

– See – Pediatric Both Bone Frx – Deforming Forces – Discussion of Blount Fractures – Implants for Fractures of the Radius and Ulna – Plating Techniques – Indications for Operative Treatment: – all displaced, unstable fractures of the radius and ulna in adults; – radial shaft fractures: all displaced fractures of the radius with … Read more

Adult Humeral Inter-condylar Fractures

 – Fractures Subtypes:     – capitellar and coronal shear frx – distal humeral frx – lateral condyle frx – medial condyle frx – Muller’s Classfication: – type A: extra-articular fracture; – type B: uni-condylar fracture; – type C: bi-condylar fracture; – controversies: – total elbow replacement – Distal humeral fractures treated with noncustom total elbow … Read more

Adolescent Sternoclavicular Joint Injury

– See: SC Joint Injury – Medial SC Joint Injury:     – injury is due separation of proximal clavicular physis rather than dislocation;     – need to determine if proximal clavicular metaphysis (distal fragment) is anterior or posterior;     – anterior and superior displacement of medial end of clavicle or x-ray appearance … Read more

Acute Slip

– Discussion:     – 11% of cases     – occurs following significant trauma, produces sudden onset of pain severe enough to prevent weight bearing;     – pts usually report minimal or no previous symtoms; – Treatment:     – reduction vs. traction:           – gentle repositioning can reduce … Read more

Addition of Antibiotics to Cement

 – See: Infection Menu and Wound Management: and Local Antibiotic Delivery for Septic Joints – Discussion:   – basic science:        – useful in treating biofilm;        – references:              – In vitro characteristics of tobramycin-PMMA beads: compressive strength and leaching.                 – Antibiotic bone cement in THA. An in vivo comparison of the elution properties of … Read more