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Anterior Approach to the Cervical Spine

PreOp Planning consider NG tube and foley catheter; have proper sized C-collar available for post operative care; position: supine w/ halter cervical traction (3-5 lbs) w/ head turned slightly to the right; consider placing a rolled towel between the shoulder blades; prep for iliac crest bone graft; hall burr is helpful for shaping bone graft; … Read more

Ankle Sprain

Discussion pathoanatomy: fibular collateral ligament is made up of three separate structures; these are not as strong as medial ligaments, since lateral support of ankle is also provide by the fibula; anterior talofibular ligament calcaneofibular ligament posterior talofibular Ligaments cervical ligaments: ref: Elongation behavior of calcaneofibular and cervical ligaments during inversion loads applied in an … Read more

Ankle Varus Deformity

Discussion varus deformity of the ankle may follow distal tibial fracture or distal tibial epiphyseal frx; deformities due to distal tibial epiphyeal injuries are often progressive; deformities due to tibial plafond injuries are usually static (from malreduction at the time of the original procedure); left untreated, the varus deformity may lead to DJD of the … Read more

Anke Equinus Contracture

  – Discussion:     – see: role of ankle and subtalar joint in gait     – normally, during the transition from foot flat to heel off, the foot dorsiflexes as the body moves forward;     – gait consequences of equinus contracture:              – patient may adopt a toe to toe gait pattern or … Read more

Ankle Arthrodesis

– See:  Sub-Talar Fusion Tibial-Talar-Calcaneal Fusion – Discussion and Outcomes: – optimal position for fusion – see gait and role of ankle joint in gait – ref: Ankle arthrodesis. Long-term follow-up with gait analysis. – Exam: – perform an Allen test for the foot vasculature; – note function of posterior tibial pulse while the dorsalis … Read more

Anatomy of the Axis

    – See:       – Development & Anomalies of Axis       – Dens Frx:       – Extension Teardrop Frx of C2       – Hangman’s Frx       – Normal Variants:   – Discussion:     – C2 provides rotation at its superior articulation w/ C1, … Read more

Anatomic Positioning of the Acetabulum in THR for the Dysplasic Hip

– See:       – Total Hip Replacement Menu:              – total hip in DDH              – acetabular component menu:              – crowe classification  – Anatomic Position – Discussion:     – w/ low dislocation, attempts should be made for antatomic placement, but should also be considered w/ high dysplastic dislocation;     – long term success … Read more

Amputation Menu

– Amputations in the Diabetic Patient – Above the Knee Amputation: – AKA prosthetics – Basic Science: – Below Knee Amputation: – amputation following fractures of the tibia – pediatric BKA: – BKA prosthetics – prosthetic feet – Foot and Ankle Amputation – Syme’s Amputation – Transmetatarsal Amputation – Chopart Amputations – Pediatric Amputations – … Read more