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Advanced Cardiac Life Support

     V. Fib and Pulseless VT
     V. Tach
     A. Fib
     A. Flutter
     ventricular ectopy
     Angina / MI

- Misc:
    - IJ Central Line Insertion;
    - CPR
              - in the report by Alfred Hallstrom et al (2000), survival to hospital discharge was better among patients assigned to chest
                     compression alone than among those assigned to chest compression plus mouth-to-mouth ventilation (14.6 percent vs.
                     10.4 percent), but the difference was not statistically significant (P=0.18);
                     - outcome after CPR with chest compression alone is similar to that after chest compression with
                             mouth-to-mouth ventilation, and chest compression alone may be the preferred approach for
                             bystanders inexperienced in CPR.  

              - CPR with Chest Compression Alone or with Rescue Breathing      

Cardiopulmary resuscitation by chest compression alone or with mouth-to-mouth ventilation

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