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Anatomy of Femur

– See: Arterial supply to Femur – Embryology of Proximal Femur: – upper end consists of head, neck, & greater & lesser trochanters at junction of the neck with the body; – develops from 4 separate ossification centers; – head forms roughly two-thirds of sphere whose surface is articular  except for fovea capitis femoris where … Read more

Anatomy of Patella

– Discussion:     – sesamoid bone w/ in quadriceps tendon;     – cartilaginous posterior surface is divided by a rounded vertical ridge into a larger, lateral portion for articulation w/ lateral condyle of femur and smaller            medial portion for articulation w/ medial condyle of femur;     – w/ increasing knee flexion, contact … Read more

Anatomy and Radiographs of the Midfoot

– See: Lisfranc’s Frx – Anatomy: – proximal end of the second metatarsal is tightly recessed between first and third cuneiforms; – this mortise configuration effectively locks entire tarsometarsal complex, preventing medial or lateral translation; – no significant dislocation of metatarsals or cuneiforms can occur unless this bone is disrupted; – for this reason, pure transmetatarsaltarsal … Read more

Anatomy and Sites of Compression of Cubital Tunnel

Anatomy & Sites of Compression of Cubital Tunnel – Discussion: – cubital tunnel extends from medial epicondyle to olecranon; – it serves as the major contraint for the ulnar nerve as it passes behind the elbow; – w/ flexion the cubital tunnel becomes taunt, and with extension the cubital tunnel becomes lax; – aponeurotic roof … Read more