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Anatomy of Distal Femoral Physis


- Discussion:
    - distal epiphysis includes entire articular surface of distal end of femur & serves as origin of part of gastrocnemius muscle;
    - epiphyseal center of distal aspect of femur is present at birth in newborns, & it expands rapidly to fill both condylar regions.
    - collateral ligaments originate from distal femoral epiphysis & insert on proximal tibial epiphysis, w/ exception of superficial portion of MCL, which inserts on tibial metaphysis distal to physis.
    - distal femoral physis is largest & fastest growing physis in the body.
    - it contributes to approx:
           - 70 % length of femur
           - 37 % of length of entire limb
           - 0.375 inch (1.0 cm) of growth / yr
    - it fuses w/ metaphysis between ages of 14 & 16 yrs in girls & between ages of 16 & 18 yrs in boys.