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                        – Discussion:     – trapezius and serratius anterior  stabilize scapular base from which the arm operates;     – trapezius, which arises from spinous processes of  cervical and thoracic vertebrae  & inserts on spine of scapula            and acromion, is innervated by spinal accessory nerve and branches from third … Read more

Trauma Management:

– Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)     – ACLS     – Iowa Family Practice Handbook     – AHCPR Guidelines     – eMedicine Online Text – Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)       – Assessment of Perfusion/Shock: damage control orthopaedics               – blood pressure (systolic), heart rate, urine output (30 mL/hr) body temperature;               – labs: … Read more

Trauma Workup

I. Combat/Disaster Injuries II. Battlefield/Austere Environment Trauma Systems III. Extremity Soft Tissue Care and Amputation in an Austere Environment – ATLS Assessment:  (General Approach to Trauma) – ref: Evolution and Development of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Protocol: A Historical Perspective – airway protection: – anesthesia menu:  virtual anesthesia textbook / intubation menu – anesthesia consideration for … Read more

Trade Names: M-N-

– Trade Names M:       Marcaine      Marezine      Maxivate      Medihaler-epi      Medrol Medrol acetate Medrol enpak      Metaprel      Mevacor      Miacalcin      Micronase      Midamor      Minipress      Mucomyst Trade Names: N      Naldecon senior EX      Narcan      Nardil … Read more

Trade Name: G-H-I

        Glucotrol         Glucophage         Haldol         Halcion         Hydrocortone         Hydrocortone acetate         Hydrocortone phosphate         Hydrodiuril         Hygroton         Hylorel       … Read more

Torticollis Due to Bony Abnormalities

– Torticollis Due to Bony Anomalies:  – Klippel feil syndrome   – atlantoociipital synostosis  – basilar impression  – odontoid anamalies  – aplasia  – hypoplasia  – Os Odontoideum  – occipital vertebrae   – asymmetry of occipital condyles (hypoplasia)  – absent C1 facet (unilateral)  – fibrodysplasia ossificans  – atlantoaxial rotary displacement  – atlantorotatory fixation

Congenital Muscular Torticollis

Discussion results from fibrosis of sternal head; can result from unilateral shortening of sternocleidomastoid, commonly associated with fibrosis of the muscle; may also involve the platysma and scalene muscles; birth trauma, occlussion of venous flow, or hematoma results in fibrosis of muscle & palpable mass noted w/in first 4 wks of life; nontender enlargement may … Read more

Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

(See also: Total Hip Replacement Menu) Discussion evaluation of the painful THR indications for revision evaluation for loosening outcomes: references: Why revision total hip arthroplasty fails. Revision Hip Arthroplasty: Infection is the Most Common Cause of Failure Examination examination for loosening: previoius incisions; contracture of the flexors and adductors (adds to complexity of the case); … Read more