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– See: Bone Tumor Menu                                                                                                                                                                        – Discussion:     – rare tumor of unknown origin;     – occurs primarily in young males between 10 – 30 years of age (most common after skeletal maturity);     – pts present w/ firm, slowly enlarging mass that produces minimal disability;           … Read more


(see also: Pseudoachondroplasia) Discussion autosomal dominant disorder; arises due to a point mutation for the gene encoding a fibroblast growth factor (Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3) over 80% of all persons with this disorder are born to parents who are not achondroplastic, & such parents rarely have second achondroplastic child; it is presumed in these … Read more

Acetabular Component Revision

THR menu / Revision THR acetabular component Discussion note that some of the problems seen in dysplasia are frequently encountered in revision THR; indications for acetabular revision: sepsis, component malposition, impingement, polyethylene wear, pelvic osteolysis, recurrent dislocation, progressive protrusio, and component loosening; evaluation of the painful THR examination: examination for loosening previoius incisions; contracture of … Read more

Cranio Facial

Management of Head Injury (see also: Trauma; Spine / C-spine; Orders for the Spine Injured Patient:) Anesthesia in the Spinal Cord Injured Patient: Fluids in the Head Injured Pt: Hyperventilation Glasgow Coma Scale Head Injury in the Child: Neuro Exam Menu Stroke Seizure ‘phylaxis Urologic Management of the Spinal Cord Injured Patient: Timing of Surgery … Read more