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Total Knee Replacement: A Guide for Patients

What Should You Know Before Your Surgery?          How We Protect You From Infection         How We Protect You From  Blood Clots:         Your laboratory results                 – your hematocrit should be between 30 and 45%                 – if your hematocrit drops below 25-26% during your surgery, we may recommend a blood transfusion.                 – nasal swab: Your nasal swab should be … Read more


  – See: torticollis: – origin: sternal head:  anterior surface of the manubrium; clavicular head: superior surface of the medial half of clavicle; – insertion:     – lateral surface of the mastoid process of the temporal bone and lateral half of the superior nuchal line of the occipital; – action:     – acting unilaterally, … Read more

Staph aureus

  – Discussion:     – is a coagulase positive, gram positive organism (as opposed to coag neg s. epidermidis)     – has a strong propensity to invade traumatized tissue;     – often responsible for toxic shock syndrome and necrotizing fascitis;            – serious infection that spreads rapidly along fascial planes and … Read more

Splenius Capitis

origin: spinous process of C7 to T3, inferior half of ligamentum nuchae; insertion: mastoid process and lateral portion of superior nuchal line; action: acting bilaterally, extends and hyperextends the head and neck;acing unilateally, laterally flexes and rotates head and neck to         the same side; nerve supply: lateral branches of the posterior … Read more


– See: limb development – Discussion:     – skeleton and skeletal muscle develop from the mesoderm;           – thin layer of cells in early embryo located between ectoderm & endoderm & interrupted in midline by notochord;     – mesoderm on either side of notochord forms longitudinal mass, paraxial mesoderm; … Read more

Semispinalis capitis

origin: C7 and T1-T6 thoracic transverse processes and articular processes of 4th, 5th, and 6th cervical vertebrae; insertion: between superior and inferior nuchal lines of the occipital; action: extnesion of lateral flexion of the neck and head, and rotates it to the opposite side; nerve supply: posterior rami of the cervial nerves; synergists: splenius group, … Read more

Scalenus Anterior

     origin: anterior tubercles of the transverse process of the 2nd to 6th cervical vertebrae;  insertion: scalene tubercles on anterior superior surface of the 1st rib;  action:      – acting unilaterally, flexes and rotates cervicals and raises first rib;      – when acting bilaterally, flexes the neck;  nerve supply: anterior branches, C5, … Read more

Scalenus medius

    origin: posterior tubercles of the transverse process of 2nd to 7th cervical vertebrae; insertion: superior surface of the 1st rib behind subclavian groove; action: acting unilaterally, flexes and rotates cervical vertebrae; raises first rib; when acting bilaterally, flexes the neck; nerve supply: posterior branches of anterior primary rami of C3, C4; lateral muscular … Read more