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Urine Analysis

pH Specific Gravity Blood Glucose Ketones Nitrite/Leukocyte Esterase Protein Pyuria Spot/Random Urine Chem Urine culture  Perioperative factors associated with septic arthritis after arthroplasty. Prospective multicenter study of 362 knee and 2,651 hip operations.      – prospectively evaluated perioperative factors associated with septic arthritis after 362 knee and 2,651 hip arthroplasties;      – preoperative urinary tract … Read more

Ulnar Wrist Pain

– Discussion: – distal radioulnar subluxation/dislocation  (see TFC Injury) – tear of the lunotriquetral – ulnocarpal impingement syndromes – pisotriquetral osteoarthritis – pisotriquetral loose bodies – subluxation/dislocation of the pisiform – fractures (ulnar styloid Process) – chondromalacia – calcific tendinitis – medial carpal instability – radioulnar arthritis – subluxation of the ECU The ulnar impaction … Read more

Ulnar Translocation

– Discussion:     – most frequent radiocarpal instability;     – the lunate is translocated ulnarly, and therefore is not supported by the radius;     – ulnar translationn is also commonly seen in disease such as RA or in Madelung’s deformity;             – in RA, may occur along … Read more

Ulnar Variance

– Discussion:     – mean ulnar variance is 0.9 mm (range: 4.2 to 2.3 mm);     – functional anatomy:            – w/ neutral variance, 80% of load is born by radius and 20% by ulna;            – 2.5 mm increase in ulnar varience will increase … Read more

Ulnar drift: of MP joints

– See:      – MP joint deformities      – Distal Ulna Arthroplasty      – Rheumatoid Hand – Anatomical Contributing Factors: (to ulnar drift)     – normal mechanical advantage of the ulnar intrinsic muscles     – asymmetry & ulnar slope of MC heads of index & middle fingers;     – asymmetry of the collateral … Read more

Ulna / Ulnar Shaft Fracture

(see also: Both Bone Forearm Fracture: / Ulnar Styloid Process) Anatomy radius & ulna lie parallel to each other when forearm is supinated; during pronation radius crosses ulna, rotating on axis that passes from capitulum through the distal end of ulna; ular side of wrist is supported by TFCC, which articulates w/ both lunate and triquetrium; … Read more

Types of Orthopaedic Infections

– Orthopaedic Infection Menu     – bacterial menu     – infectious tenosynovitis     – diabetic foot infections     – hand infections     – THR infections     – TKR Infections     – septic arthritis     – necrotizing soft tissue infections:     – osteomyelitis (Cierney Classification)     – spinal infection / osteomyelitis … Read more

Type IV (Medial) Tibial Plateau Fractures

– See:         – Tibial Plateau Frx Menu:    Bicondylar Fractures and Type V Frx, Type IV Fractures, Total Depression Fracture – Discussion:     – frx of medial tibial plateau (see total depression frx):     – carries worst prognosis of all tibial plateau fractures;     – 2 subsets of injury:   … Read more