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Section 4, Chapter 3: The Role of Invasiveness Index in Risk Adjusted Patient Outcome Measurements

Brian L. Hollenbeck and Kevin J. McGuire INTRODUCTION Measurement of patient outcomes after surgical intervention has become an integral part of assessing hospital quality and is vital to patient’s ability to make an informed decision about spine surgery. Recent advances in outcome measurements have been made possible by the availability of large-scale databases from patient … Read more

Section 4, Chapter 1: Measuring Spine Safety

Fady Y. Hijji, Ankur S. Narain, Kern Singh and Jonathan N. Grauer INTRODUCTION Patient-centered outcomes and safety are central aspects of health care. Reform will require changes in quality and efficacy of treatment. Surgical treatment for spine disorders is rapidly growing in prevalence and cost – spinal fusion is currently the most expensive procedure performed … Read more

Section 9, Chapter 9: Sacropelvic Fixation in Adult Spinal Deformity

Brian J. Neuman and Khaled Kebaish INTRODUCTION The development of a pseudarthrosis at lumbosacral junction continues to be a concern in spine surgery. Fixation failure due to poor bone quality of the sacrum and substantial biomechanical forces at this junction leads to a cascade of events that result in a pseudarthrosis. Historically, nonunion rates have … Read more

The Contributors of the Lumbar Spine Online Textbook

(*Authors and affiliations will continue to be added as new chapters are posted.) Emre Acaroglu, MD Orthopaedic Spine Department Ankara Spine Center Ankara, Turkey Afua Adjei-Kwayisi MD, DC Ridge Regional Hospital Accra, Ghana Tamir Ailon, MD, MPH, FRCSC Vancouver Spine Surgery Institute Vancouver, Canada Christoph E. Albers, MD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Inselspital, University Hospital … Read more

Lumbar Spine Online Textbook

Editor: Scott D. Boden, MD A truly global perspective on the lumbar spine with contributions from over 200 international experts. The International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine and Data Trace Internet Publishing, LLC are pleased to present the Lumbar Spine Online Textbook. This work is being hosted on the world renowned Wheeless’ … Read more